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Become a reseller today to resell our licenses under your branding

Advantage of using our reseller system

At LicenseHQ, we prioritize our resellers with unwavering dedication.

Our dynamic team operates around the clock, 24x7, ensuring that you receive the best-in-class support whenever you need it. Your success is our commitment, and we're here to empower you at every step of the way.

Reach us anytime, anywhere – your success is our priority. Connect with our dedicated team via Email, Support, Telegram, and WhatsApp for swift and comprehensive assistance.

Experience seamless transactions with our automatic funds adding system – no need to reach out every time. Add funds effortlessly, any amount, anytime, via Credit cards or crypto for ultimate convenience.

Stay in control with our automated invoicing system – invoices are generated in real-time when you create or issue a license. Monitor and track your funds allocation with precision, ensuring transparency and accountability in every transaction.

Simplify your licensing journey with ease using our auto-renew feature. Designed with our resellers in mind, this automated system eliminates the need to remember renewal dates, ensuring a seamless and effortlessly managed experience.

For complex issues, use our dedicated support channel. Create a support ticket, and our expert team will discreetly resolve problems without any branding, ensuring a seamless and confidential experience for your customers.

Easily fund your account with us using Credit or Debit cards. Seamless transactions, every time.

Embark on your reselling journey with a nominal $5 setup fee for your Reseller account. Upon setup, you'll gain immediate access and the ability to leverage up to an 80% discount by depositing into your Reseller panel. This ensures not only streamlined access but also unlocks a world of advantages for your reselling experience, making it both cost-effective and lucrative.

Choose a slab and amount that amount need to deposit on your account

Free Slab


No need any deposit

5% Discounted price
No Trial Access
Own branding Copyright


Deposit to get this slab

20% Discounted price
No Trial Access
Own branding Copyright


Deposit to get this slab

45% Discounted price
No Trial Access
Own branding Copyright


Deposit to get this slab

80% Discounted price
Included Trial Access
Own branding Copyright

Reseller Slabs Pricing Comparison

ProductRegular Price5% Off(Free)20% Off(Slab-3)45% Off(Slab-2)80% Off(Slab-1)
cPanel License$4.5$4.2$3.6$2.4$0.9
Softaculous License$1.0$0.9$0.8$0.5$0.2
Plesk Web Host License$4.0$3.8$3.2$2.2$0.8
CloudLinux OS Shared License$4.0$3.8$3.2$2.2$0.8
Imunify360 License$1.9$1.8$1.5$1.0$0.3
Virtualizor Premium License$3.4$3.2$2.7$1.8$0.6
SitePad License$0.9$0.8$0.7$0.5$0.1
JetBackup License$1.9$1.8$1.5$1.0$0.3
WHMReseller License$1.9$1.8$1.5$1.0$0.3
LiteSpeed Web Host Professional (2-Worker)$4.5$4.2$3.6$2.4$0.9
LiteSpeed Web Host Elite (X Worker)$10.0$9.5$8.0$5.5$2.0
Webuzo License$2.5$2.3$2.0$1.3$0.5
LiteSpeed Web Host Enterprise (4-Worker)$6.0$5.7$4.8$3.3$1.2
LiteSpeed Web Host 8-CPU (8-Worker)$8.0$7.6$6.4$4.4$1.6
Virtualizor Pro License$3.4$3.2$2.7$1.8$0.6
Kernelcare License$1.0$0.9$0.8$0.5$0.2